And She Sailed Away

And She Sailed Away is the title of compiled journal pieces written about the journey of survival following the death of a child. It was started in 2010 several months after the accidental death of our 19-year-old daughter, Molly, in Sept ’09.

Prior, I was writing another blog with a different title; a light hearted look at life with ideas about travel, food, family and fun. It was galaxies away in perspective and I dumped it….. the day of her death.

After months of grieving and darkness these passages began to emerge onto the pages of a personal journal kept by my bed; messy and stained with tears. Some of entries shared here include raw feelings, attempts at introspection, an honest look at anger, searches for gratitude, how to find an eternal connection to her that was bigger than I ever imagined, experiences related to the healing side of solitude, and good & bad choices made along the way. As is true for all of us on this path, we are works-in-progress.

The original intention was to cross the finish line with a completed piece of work much sooner than now, but I have accepted that this project has taken on a life of it’s own and will be completed in it’s own time.

Included in these posts are quotes and passages from various chapters of… And She Sailed Away. I’ve met hundreds of bereaved parents on this path via a Facebook wall dedicated to helping bereaved parents (where additional observations and words of comfort have been shared), had deep conversations with many, and have learned more through this nightmare than could ever have been imagined.

Would I trade this journey to have my daughter back? Yes. In a heartbeat.

One of my favorite paintings. -by Salvador Dali

and she sailed away salvador dali jpg

Thanks to the wonderful women in my life who have contributed thousands of hours of conversation and written communication. I plan to include many in this project. I’ve often wished I could monitor a moment-to-moment social media wall for parents and share ‘real time’ conversation regarding this subject but it has rarely worked out because of the nature of my job. Thankfully, I have found alternative ways to stay in communication with those going through the death of a child and have developed some wonderful and lasting connections over the last 7+ years. -Marsha

  • All entries are not readily available for access, thus the categories list on the sidebar is limited. Once in awhile there will be a link to another post either at the end of or within the body of a post. Feel free to connect with me via my personal Facebook wall. Let me know when you connect that you are a bereaved parent.